Dear Pub 42 Guests and Advocates,

Thank you for your overwhelming support during these trying times for all of us. Like you, we are hanging in there. But we are boosted by the fact we are serving thousands of people, including people who can’t get out of their homes and our legion of family members who are our loyal patrons. A sincere “thank you” from all of us at Pub 42.

It appears restaurants are being deemed “Essential Services” around the country during this health safety lockdown. We have accepted that challenge and are ready to serve.

To better serve you and to allow us to take a longer term view of this responsibility we have created a temporary menu. This Menu will start Monday, March 23, 2020. We have included the top 25 selling menu items. So please enjoy your favorites and again thank you for your support.

We believe this temporary menu best serves and protects the health and well-being of our guests, partners and team members as we continue to remain open to serve our community during this unprecedented time.

We can’t tell you how GREAT it is to see our Pub42 family and friends. Connecting once again (only briefly as you pick up your to-go orders). Finding out how you are doing and being thanked for allowing some normalcy during this unique time is fueling all of us at the Pub.

We are here for you,

Wags, Bryce and the Pub 42 team